Posted 6 years ago


The focus in the INTELLIREMED project is to equip the bioremediation industry by developing an automatic, self-sustained groundwater monitoring system to be used for the control of bioremediation processes where flexible, wireless sensor network solutions and remote controlling system are involved. CapSenze role in the Intelliremed project is to develop, design and construct a novel biosensor device, which provides the possibility to perform automatic, quantitative measurement of a target contaminant or a group of contaminants. The developed prototype biosensor unit is a portable device with a mobile read-out and sampling system. Hence, monitoring of target contaminants can be autonomously performed on-field by the operator.

Other system components that are developed in the Intelliremed project, and which pertain to the Intelliremed sensor network system, are end-nodes with different commercial available sensors (conductivity, temperature etc.), a wireless communication unit, an energy-harvesting unit based on microbial fuel cells (MFC) and a central control unit with a remote server.


About the project

The Intelliremed project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 606662.