The GOLDFISH project

Posted 5 years ago



(EU FP7, project number 269985)

Purpose of the project

The Goldfish project objectives were to format and design a cost-effective, stand-alone, submersible chemical sensor system capable of detecting specific target contaminations in downstream watercourses. With the Goldfish sensor device, the possibility to detect and trace the remote source of an existing contamination at an early stage.

CapSenze main tasks

CapSenze main tasks in the Goldfish project were to develop the chemical sensor hardware including the sensing surface, which was based on imprinted molecular polymers specific towards the model substances caffeine and theophylline. By using covalent immobilisation of MIPs and additionally attachment of beads to the sensor gold surface via an in-house developed microcontact technology, it was possible to create a functional assay, which was stipulated in the project 

Project status

The project was successfully disseminated to the European committee in May 2015 and CapSenze tasks where approved accordingly. Currently, the project results are evaluated with the intention to commercialise the developed technology. The project is now officially closed and revised. A subsequent project named Micromole will employ the results from Goldfish into other fields of utilisation.

The final goldfish system was successfully tested under real conditions in Espinal, Colombia

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