SEA-on-a-CHIP – EU FP7

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SEA-on-a-CHIP – EU FP7, project number 614168

Project objectives
The SEA-on-a-CHIP project is dedicated to the development of an autonomous miniaturised analytical system for the direct monitoring of harmful low molecular weight molecules in seawater close to or in immediate contact with sensitive aquaculture environments such as fish- and clam farm. The SEA-on-a-CHIP device will be used as an early warning system i.e. operated by the fish farmer as the end user.
The SEA-on-a-CHIP sensor unit consists of three main parts:

  • Sampling device with integrated microfluidics for the controlled sampling, sample handling and sample preparation of seawater, including a pre-concentration step of the analytes using a solid phase extraction column.
  • Lab-on-a-chip unit for amperometric electrochemical detection based on a parallelized competitive immunoassay of up to eight different target contaminants.
    The communication module for wireless transmission of SEA-on-a-CHIP sensor data to a monitoring station for operator analysis.

CapSenze main activities
In the SEA-on-a-CHIP project, CapSenze main tasks are to coordinate the integration of the developed sensor hardware including e.g. microfluidics, biosensor setup and the communication module. CapSenze is also in charge of the technical development related to sensor housing, battery management system and liquid handling.

Project status
The developed prototypes in the project have been successfully disseminated to the European committee in April 2015 (Sagiada, Greece) and in June 2016 (Bergen, Norway). A final demonstration will take place in May 2017 in Olhao, Portugal.



The second SEA-on-a-CHIP prototype device disseminated in Bergen, Norway in June 2016


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