CapSenze Flow System

  • Overview

    The Capsenze Flow System is designed to sample a bioreactor and automatically digest and separate individual antibody subdomains for direct analysis by mass spectrometry and/or other technologies. The system is built on CapsSenze´s unique liquid handling system and adapted for use with Genovis enzymes.

    The system automatically samples from the bioreactor and process the mAb to provide subunits, utilizing affinity matrices and unique enzymes integrated into a disposable column cartridge. As a result, it is possible to characterize the whole mAb via fragments analyse done-by-one, thus enabling a very high level of quality assurance directly during production.


  • Technical Details & Applications

    Integrated CapSenze
    Flow System:

    • Dimensions 85 × 65 × 30 cm
    • Operated using single syringe pumps and and smart multiport valves from Tecan
    • Controlled by CapSenze software
    • The serial columns designed in a user-friendly cassette format


    Capsenze Flow System details

    • Pump and valve system – OEM/Tecan
    • Sample probe for online bioreactor sampling (CapSenze)
    • Microfluidic enzyme cassette system – (CapSenze/Genovis)
    • Flexible bag system for liquid handling (disposable)
    • Integrated flow-through UV-detector (OEM/Visacon)
    • Inline desalting system for sample cleanup prior to MS
    • Web-based software (CapSenze)

  • Learn more

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