About CapSenze

CapSenze is a Swedish company based in Lund. Our business idea is to develop and provide market-leading flow-based assays and biosensors.

The company was formed around an invention of a novel way to measure capacitance using a biosensor format. Research on the sensor has been carried out for over 17 yrs and we have managed to transform an academic lab setup into a commercially viable instrument. 

CapSenze is currently involved in several ongoing research projects:

  • VINNOVA VinnVerifiering, 2011-03391
  • FP7 CapHIV, Project number 286798
  • FP7 Goldfish, Project number 269985
  • FP7 Intelliremed, Proposal number 606662
  • FP7 Sea-on-a-chip, Proposal number 614168


Who we are

Bo Mattiasson

Scientific Advisor – Bo Mattiasson

Martin Hedström

COO – Martin Hedström

CTO - Dag Erlandsson

CTO – Dag Erlandsson